Sustainability Bootcamp

We help individuals and organisations gain competitive advantage through green upskilling.

We teach you everything you need to know about sustainability and help you translate it into business value. Planet Diplomats Sustainability Bootcamp is designed for digital development professionals who are actively engaged in, or aspiring to contribute to, the journey towards a more sustainable company. This bootcamp empowers participants with the skills and knowledge needed to lead transformative initiatives within their organisations.

Learning outcomes

You'll learn how to integrate sustainability seamlessly into your business goals, driving growth, innovation, and long-term profitability. You get to level up your leadership approach, your ability to manage complexity and lead transformative change, positioning your company at the forefront of sustainable practices. You will also execute impactful change projects that are aligned with your sustainability strategy, ensuring that your initiatives advance strategic goals and strengthen your competitive edge.

By participating in our bootcamp, you will empower yourself and your team to become proactive leaders in the sustainability journey, creating a resilient and forward-thinking organisation.

Sustainability Bootcamp modules


    You'll reflect on your personal values and professional roles to understand how sustainability aligns with your core beliefs. You'll indulge into the world of sustainability strategies and integrate your values and actions to match the targets.


    You get to dive into the essential concepts of sustainability, learning the frameworks and principles that you can test and use at your organisation.


    Discover the business value and opportunities that sustainability offers, driving growth and innovation in your organisation.


    Translate theory into practice by engaging with colleagues in real-world experiments between our live online sessions.


    Apply leadership theories to sustainability, learning from case studies and best practices. Make experiments at your workplace.


    At the end of the bootcamp you will have developed a clear, actionable sustainability roadmap tailored to your organisation, ensuring how to continue effectively with sustainability actions and creating business growth.

We have minimum of 2 keynote speakers/sustainability experts guest starring at the bootcamp! You will also gain access to our Sustainability Upskilling Library.

What will you learn

  • Align sustainability with business objectives by identifying a cohesive actions and strategy that integrates sustainability into the core of your business.

  • Engage stakeholders effectively and learn techniques to involve and motivate stakeholders across all levels.

  • Apply leadership theories in change and learn to faciliate transformative change in your organisation.

  • Implement sustainability projects successfully and gain practical experience in executing sustainability projects that yield measurable results.

Bootcamp details, format and enrollment

Format: 6 live online meetups (duration 2hrs each)

Program duration: 12 weeks

Start date Thursday August 22, 2024 10.00-12.00 (UTC+02:00)
End date Thursday November 7, 2024 10-12.00 (UTC+02:00)

Weekly Q&A sessions
Thursdays 10-11 (UTC+02:00)

Your investment 2700€ per participant (vat 0%).

The Planet Diplomats Sustainability Bootcamp Cohort 1 is now open for enrollments!

We help you achieve your climate targets and turn your employees into innovation champions. Book a call to see if our offering is right for you through the sign up formWant to organise a bootcamp in your company solely? Please ask a quote.

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We'd love to work with you!

Planet Diplomats has a continuously growing ecosystem of sustainability experts. We work with researchers and a multidisciplinary group of experts to bring you cutting-edge knowledge and tools. Our focus is very hands on, yet visionary. We help you apply your new knowledge and skills through practical approach and exercises so that you can create value in your organisation and feel that you're contributing to purposeful goals

We believe in multidisciplinary collaboration and aim at having our bootcamps with participants coming from various different companies. You will be meeting and connecting with other like-minded professionals and you get to build a network of support for your sustainability journey. And you'll become a Planet Diplomat too!

Let's make a positive impact together


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Let's make a positive impact together


+358 40 758 7805‬

This website has been built with

low-carbon principles and produces 0.19g of CO₂ for each visit.

Planet Diplomats © 2023.

Let's make a positive impact together


+358 40 758 7805‬

This website has been built with low-carbon

principles and produces 0.19g of CO₂ for each visit.

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